Meet the new face of Ugandan Urban Gospel music. Mid 2010 saw the birth of a new artiste from Uganda in Eddy “Benjaah Edwards” Atum. He came into the industry with full force and released his first track and Hit single Aneno Rwot. This Album which was what he chose to call Urban Luo Gospel, featured songs that went on to top the Northern Ugandan Music Charts and to as many as ‘stumbled’ upon the music, they knew more was to be expected from this new kid on the block.

Fast forward, 2013 and he has given his Aneno Rwot album enough breathing space and the subsequent release of the long awaited video for Aneno Rwot. He sees a need to rebrand. And so, as he says, “I have not stopped producing and working on Luo Gospel Music. I have simply changed the branding.” I guess this means he will still be working on a couple of singles and collaborations for his established Luo music audience but also adding something new, a new approach to his ministry.

Benjaah Edwards a.k.a Eddy Atum or The Ugandan Boy, is a third son to Mr and Ms James Olwa. And he says, he grew up listening to a lot of the African music styles that include Zouk, Lingala Music, Afro beat and other African songs from the South African roots. To him, music had always been that calling he could never just ignore. He talks of writing his own words to already written songs by the artistes he grew up listening to and later, (much later on in his high school) discovering that he had the gift. The gift had to be put to use. And so, he was a part of the school choir, joined an all-boys band in high school, sung with a team of other incredibly talented uniONE Band until he had to give his solo career a lot more attention.

At the end of 2012, he began writing new material and re-arranging some of his old but great music pieces to produce a project which as at June 2013, is under recording with Neutriq Media’s D-King and is slated for a release much later.

However, because he feels the need to prepare Kampala and Africa as a whole for what is yet to come, you have his new single “Free Indeed.” This single off his upcoming project seeks to re-echo what many of us who have come to believe in Jesus know to be true; freedom from the power of sin. And so, in an urban and carefully planned song, the artiste Benjaah Edwards, sings of being down but exhorting the listener to get up because there is no time left for staying down. Christ has made a way for all to find freedom.

When asked, he say, “I wanted to help many people remember that they are free. You know, in this generation, there are many things that try to keep everyone, whether a believer in Our Lord Jesus or not, in bondage. But, we have been made free.”

This new single has a video too and I believe, you will all be blessed. This music is most definitely written to cross the Ugandan borders. We know that the message is Jesus Christ, the risen one.

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There is a lot in store from this artiste. Keep your ear to the ground. And yes, be blessed as you listen to his music.

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