We are glad to welcome all our listeners to the all new Thr3e. Call it the Season 2 if you may!

About this same time last year, we made some changes to the Thr3e fabric and now with the benefit of hindsight, we are glad we took those steps.

Now as we plunge in full throttle into 2014, we have decided to segment Thr3e. Now you will get to see more of our individual personalities come to the fore on Thr3e and we are going international in our content representation. We shall also be introducing a video content for Thr3e beginning in February.  That’s an aspect to look forward to!

We are going to push hard to ensure you are treated to fabulous conversations and while at the same time, propagating the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ! It’s all for His fame and glory!

Regardless of the segmentation, we shall still be having topical issues up for discussion and this time we shall be involving you our listeners even more. So please make sure you stay close.

Catch up with Thr3e via the following platforms:


www.truthbeatzfm.com (17:00 Wednesdays)








Twitter: @thr3epodcast

Blog: www.thr3epodcast.wordpress.com



1.       Conversation on Dubai

2.       Opinion on Basketmouth’s rape joke

3.       Unplugged session with Ivory – gospel sensation and the next BIG DEAL

4.       Interview with Seun Onamusi – the UK head of GenVoices

5.       Thoughts on Nigeria’s anti-gay Act

Download: Thr3e with Sheun & Ivory

Ivory_on_Thr3e[1] Seun_Onamusi_on_Thr3e[1]

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Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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