Lips without BordersThis week we discuss the issue of Kissing. If God has cordoned off pre-marital sex, at least Kissing should be allowed. Or no? Hear out the Thr3e crew as they share even their own experiences.

Thr3e (Ep. 15) Lips without Borders

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Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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  1. Hi guys! Great topic.

    So here's the my take- What you won't eat, don't take anywhere NEAR your nose!

    God's standard is no sex before marriage. Kissing is a form of foreplay right? The question is, foreplay to what? sex? Nah! Don't think that's what a genuine child of God would do before marriage.

    I personally consider a kiss between two pple who are romantically involved as INTERCOURSE which is a spiritual thing therefore, every person you kiss shares a part of your spirit. Sounds alarming right? Well so it is.
    Also, how many so called 'engagements' these days actually get to the marriage stage? Not very many by my estimation so pls note YOU'RE NOT YET THERE UNTIL YOU GET THERE.

    In conclusion, remember you can't take fire into your bosom and not get burnt so brothers and sisters in Christ fleeeeeeeeeeee!


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