Often referred to as the one from whom nine demons were driven out of. Some scholars strongly believed her to be the sinful woman who used the highly treasured alabaster jar of perfume on the Master`s feet.

Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala and sometimes The Magdalene was how she was often referred to.

Yet something was obvious about her, and that was her love for the One (Jesus) who gave her a new identity. Recently referred to as “Equal of the Apostles” by the renowned bible scholar Frank Stagg due to extra-biblical traditions about her subsequent missionary activity in spreading the gospel. She stood beside her King at the cross while others fled. His crucifixion, burial and the discovery of His tomb to be empty were all witnessed by her.

Little wonder He (Jesus) appeared to her first after His resurrection. She then became the fore-bearer of the testimony. Then I began wondering what her exact words to the disciples were, how she relayed the testimony, the tone of her voice, the visible joy in her heart and her sincere words intended to convince her listeners.

This new single (slated for the 29th of March) celebrates the redemptive blessings Jesus` death and resurrection brought us (the essence of Easter).

Join me as I share Mary`s testimony. #EASTERinAbit #Anticipate

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Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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    • We\’ll collaborate with them on that. But as you know, most of our artists, just \’jump\’ on the beat! No prayers, no meditation or waiting on God…they just \’jump\’ on the beat! that\’s why the standard is gradually falling…others should take a cue from Jid~Vocals.

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