Wonderful Upcoming Event with Gdia Live in Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Dont Miss it!!

“The woman is an important part of the Society and the church. Her contributions to life, home and

Nation building cannot be overemphasized.”

Proverbs 31

describes a picture of a real woman.A person of value and economic worth – v10A person of reputable

character – v11An industrious person – v13A business savvy – v16A lover of God – v18A lover of People –

v20 etc.Tell me sis is a non-denominational forum that seeks to mold 'the lady' to wholeness, by creating

a platform for interaction while empowering her to play her role at Home, in the Society, in the Market

Place, wherever, whenever. As a Christian lady, you are always x-rayed by the public and the

expectations of onlookers are usually way-up. Tell me sis aims at helping ladies find their place in God,

inspiring them to do exactly what they've been called by God to do and not living by people's

expectations or for people's acceptance. The Inaugural event would feature a live worship concert by

the host.


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