I have had the pleasure to be at the Gospel Night live for three of their editions…..Its a great thing that’s happening and i think the organizers should be given a clapping ovation for their hard work, dedication and consistence in doing this…. I am also apologizing that I am just posting the review about the event… my apologies…

Now.. There are some things that MUST be said about artistes….

1. PLEASE STOP SELLING OUT!!!!.. Find your rhythm and perfect it… Let us know that you are good at something.. it is only in the Naija Gospel scene that you see an artiste jumping from one genre to another like a skipping rope… One of the artiste that came to perform has a strong anointing for worship.. I KNOW.. WE ALL KNOW!!.. then why on earth are you trying to do ‘timaya’ music and i think this is a serious issue that needs to be spelt our in black and white….. FIND YOUR RHYTHM…I cannot stress it enough.. Stop trying to get “people” to like your music…. You were sent to a particular crowd of listeners.  Not everyone like Jazz.. but you don’t see Mike Aremu try to play a rap song…. or a Cobhams doing ‘Fuji’ or a FloRocka doing ‘akpala’ or Efe Nathan doing ‘rock’…..They have found their rhythm and i think this artiste has too but is trying to mix his fan base…hmmm…….Selah.

2. It is a live performance.. it means you can stop the music if it is too fast or too slow or not flowing and start all over again.. Artiste, do not allow your instrumentalists to determine the pace and the success of your song.. YOU OWN IT.. SO ACT LIKE YOU OWN IT… It was not nice when Psalmos was being drowned to sing too fast because her drummer was high on who knows what and was playing like he was in a macossa night club……

3. There is something called stage dynamics…..the singer that seemed to wow everybody……well not everybody sha… was jumping around on stage like he had some sort of spring on his feet.. it was entertaining at first but them too much spring jumping causes the eyes to grow tired.. Selah….

4. For the artistes who are lyricists… I admire your rhyme and your courage …… really i do.. so try to be more specific in words and meanings… use the dictionary when you are trying to form your words because unlike the secular artistes.. your words are under continuous scrutiny.. i am sorry but that is the truth…..

To everyone else that performed… Onos, Benita, Eben, The Bass guitar playing guy, Provabs…and the ones that performed when i was gone… Well done…

looking forward to the next edition… and i hope everyone who reads this would be there…..




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