“…defying gravity, the top is where we headed and we never gon stop”

go jesus copyKamiheiwa drops this fresh joint laced with solid production from the prolific Chordratic beats. On this song, Kami’ makes boast about his heritage in Christ, clearly emphasizing his faith.

His word play throughout the song is impeccable and at some point you might start to visualize a video – Yeah u can call it a movie song!

This dude is here to create a niche in a genre that has seen efforts below par so far; he is definitely raising the bar as he says on the song “made for the top, call me numerator/sticking to that script like a typecast actor”.

Please download and enjoy!


Short Bio

It’s the year 2013 and the revolution is birth. We present Kamiheiwa (given name’ Deinma  A. Charles), a gifted MC who emerges from the underground where he’s been honing his skills and mastering his craft. He offers us his debut single, “Go Jesus”, which is a testament of his faith and convictions. This joint is produced by the prolific Chordratic beats (Dis is love – Itunu, Aunty Dupe – Joules da Kid), so you can trust it’s a got a dope beat with brilliantly woven instrumentation. This first effort from Kami’ is a result of years listening to and learning from great MCs and developing  his own style.

Kamiheiwa started out singing as a member of his Teens church choir before he found he took an interest in writing. His writings (mostly anecdotes, didactic articles and poetry) and his love for music moved him to start writing and making music. His leaning was first towards rock and he started a music group, Chip of the Rock, and gave a few performances in his church. He branched into hip hop right around the same time he began writing poetry and has embraced this genre wholly even though he still attempts to belt a few tunes one in a while.

His skills as an MC are not in doubt and his wordplay and delivery are immaculate. He brings freshness to a genre of music which has before now been viewed as stereotypic and in hooking up with Chordratic, offers us a uncommon take on this genre. His incredible wordplay, inspired by the convictions of his faith are delivered distinctly and listeners are sure going to be resounding the anthem of the song’s chorus. His musical influences are quite eclectic ranging from hip hop, to RnB and Rock.

He’s bound to gain attention and draw more light on gospel themed hip-hop if “Go Jesus” is anything to go by. So y’all remember the name..it’s Kamiheiwa.

Author Profile

Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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