Houston Based Gospel Music Minister Nse Uffot makes her music debuts with ” I Am Loved” . A song that professes the relentless unconditional love of God towards Us.

“I Am Loved ” was inspired by the Holy Spirit at a dark time where all she could rely on was the unfailing love of God as chronicled through out the scriptures.

She prays this song brings you to a place of deep understanding of God’s love for you.

“It’s my Sincere prayer that as you listen , you will experience the warmth of His love fill your heart.

“His light so shine in every area of ur life , that you may know – U Are loved Just As You Are & You Are Enough.

Happy listening.Blessings💕💖


Nse Uffot popularly known as Dcns Nse began her music ministry at a young age singing in the choir as she followed her parents to church & led the choir whilst in BLW in college.

She graduated to several ministry roles & was ordained a Dcns. She is married with 3 beautiful children & serves the lord alongside her husband in the ministry.

Social media handles:

Facebook is @nseuffot
Instagram is @nseuffot
Twitter is @nseuffot
Kingschat is @nseuffot
Cc Twitter @johngodfreysing
Cc instagram @johngodfreysing

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