As we enter a new month, we present you James Emmanuel. A
multi-talented, loving and hardworking man.

Born in Kaduna but raised in Kogi by an indigenous family of Omebi
Simon. They sacrificed a lot to ensure the survival of James Emmanuel.
James is the third of five kids and even though they lost their
parents at a tender age, the Grace of God was sufficient for them.

‘Your Grace’ gives a deep insight into the humble way of seeking and
obtaining grace and mercy from God. How God can be so close to man and
also how man can be raised up from a sinful nature via abundant grace.



For the Lord has spoken that his word is the truth and life
And his grace is enough for me
Is found in me  ×2

Lord it is your grace
It is your grace
Your grace is found in me.

Lord it is your word that makes me a man
And it’s your grace that dwells in me
And for your goodness Lord I’ll sing your praise
I’ll call upon your name for is your that dwells in me

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