You are the Reason is a praise song inspired by God to reach millions. Ama, a doctor turned musician and founder of Ama-zing Harmonies describes You are the Reason as a “complete package.” The song describes the unspeakable awesomeness of God.

Sometimes we cannot find the right words to glorify God with when we are overwhelmed by his graciousness, this song is unique in that it simply gives you the right words to Praise and thank him with as well as make you dance, and that is why Ama wants this song to reach millions who may be in a situation to want to, but cannot find the right Praise words.

She says singing is her calling, her talent and purpose, so like the legacy of our fathers of old Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus himself, she wants her song ministry to impact on lives of generations after her.

The song was produced by Femi Flame.



You are the Reason By Ama Shallangwa 

Lord I cannot describe, who you are and all you’ve done for me

My life is an expression of your love,

That’s why I will sing this song to you.

In my darkness and in the light

You always hold my hand and walk me through

Your promises to me are pure and true, that’s why I will sing this song to you

For your loving kindness, you make my mind rest

You put my joy first, you Change my sadness God

I’ll sing this song you you


You are reason why I sing this song

The reason why I lift my voice

You fill me up with your grace oh God, you satisfy my soul

All because of your love for me, I’m so glad I’m where I am today

You alone put a smile upon my face

That’s why I will sing this song to you.

Lord because of your love for me,

My heart my soul rejoice in your embrace

You provide immeasurable grace, that’s why I will sing this song to you.


Ama Shallangwa, an Edinburgh based gospel artist, singer, songwriter and anointed Praise worship leader released a new single on January 12th 2018.

Ama has written many other praise and worship songs, but her first recorded song “Christmas time” was produced in 2012. She has successfully been the leader of two church choirs in Edinburgh and was the founder and leader of the choir in the church she presently worships.

Her love for music and singing inspired her to start a singing group called Ama-zing Harmonies which is now a household name in North Edinburgh, Pilton area. The group brings members of the community together once monthly to learn new songs, sing together, share food, unwind,  network in a relaxing atmosphere and celebrate the diversity of all who attend the group. The group also invites professional singers and artists to add colour and fun to their activities. The uniqueness of this group attracts new members every month. Ama-zing harmonies has also caught the attention of Edinburgh press and the group has been featured a few times in the North Edinburgh news because of its impact in the community.

Looking to the future, Ama will continue to write and release inspiring songs to bless people’s lives and glorify God. She intends to release another song in February to celebrate her birthday.


Twitter: @AmaZirra

Instagram: @Ama_AmaSinger


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