In this place by Oluwasheun is a song inspired by the sweetness that comes with worship. Every time a believer/ believers worship God, beautiful things happen. Burdens are lifted, there is both emotional and physical healing, there is direction and clarity of purpose. There is literally an exchange of our weakness for the strength that the Holy spirit gives.

In this place is an expression of a worshiper to the presence of the holy spirit and His manifestations.

About Artiste
Oluwasheun is a passionate worshiper who believes in the potency of worship. She’s a creative writer with a masters degree in English language. The song “In this place” was inspired in the place of worship. Oluwasheun currently serves as a chorister in Global Harvest Church. She is  married to Adesanmi Ademokun.




Verse 1:
I feel him in the atmosphere
I see him in room
His power is at work in me with angels everywhere
Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and joy
Healing for your spirit and your soul
The spirit of the Lord is in this place
I know it ×2
The power of the Lord is in this place
I know it
Verse 2
I hear your voice in every song
I sense you in our midst
Your glory fills this house today as we call upon your name
In your presence there is healing, chains are broken, lives are changed.
The enemy has no place cause you are here
Take it away
Every pain every shame
Take it away
Every hurt every tear
Take it away
I know that you can heal my heart
I know that you can set me free
I know that you can change my life
I trust that you can do it all
The Spirit of the Lord is in this place
I know it….

Facebook: Akinsiku Ademokun
IG: Oluwaseun_Ademokun

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