Badejo Jeremiah is a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, born into a Family of Five. He is a salted word driven child of God who embraced God’s work through singing, composition and production of gospel songs. He has reflected this light in his debut single ‘Rock of Ages’ back in December 2016. Jeremiah’s undying passion for God has helped to him carve out a music pattern beyond denominationalism. Making God his center of focus in his music, the gospel of Christ carefully crafted in his lyric could easily be digested by all audience. He has served as music director in the Baptist church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Winners Chapel and presently The Father’s House.


Eledumare is a revelation written out of an adventure with the Holy Spirit. It’s not just a song; it’s an encounter, a covenant.

God who from ages past has proven Himself as light to His chosen ones, has requested again that we worship Him in that Light (In the knowledge of the Word). For the Bible says that “the entrance of the word brings light”. Worshipping God whole heartedly with His words brings light into our lives, and this light gives us life.

Eledumare when sung with purity of heart makes God steps into our darkened situations and solve them.

So come along with me, download, stream, listen prayerfully and share generously.


Eledumare Eledumare, imole to kari aye o.

Eledumare Eledumare, awole agbosuba fun o.

Oooo, oooo, oooo, oo, oooo.


Jesu de okunkun a parada

Amo roro, ala roro, ala funfun yoo, amo funfun lao

ogbenu wundia sola, ogbenu omo eniyan fohun, ogbenu adelebo sogo

oba ti an sa ya, oba aidigbolu, eni digbolu o a si run womu o

kukute nla nio tio mira jigi, eni mi kukute ara re lomi

oloruko nla, oloruko to mu j’ogun abenu gongo

alagbara nla to fayeraye agbara sagbara titi ayeraye o

aki ki o tan, ao le yin o tan, eni mimo isreli

ato pojo iku da, ato peri Eledumare

mimo mimo arogo sogo, mimo mimo

olojo lo korin kese

awole agbosuba fun o.


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