Joel Flute also known as Jo-Flute is a Flutist, Keyboardist, a Song Writer and a Singer releases two spirit filled songs titled “Amazing Grace and Brighter Day”.

Brighter Day and Amazing Grace are songs you would love and enjoy. The songs are produced by Amos Gyang


Brighter Day

Amazing Grace




Verse 1


Oh rest my soul

In you alone

I lay down all my guilt

Families, Nations, Kingdoms

Rise to fight each other

Dreams are shattered

Homes are scattered

And hunger everywhere


There shall be a brighter day


There shall be a brighter day

Brighter day /2ce

There shall be a brighter day


Verse 2

And only you alone

Can mend the broken heart

In him alone you will find rest for your soul

O broken hearted

He’s calling you

Rise to give him your heart

Just run to him

In his open arms

Is where you belong

And he will keep you through



Oooo brighter day

Aaaa brighter day

Oooo brighter day

Brighter day






Verse 1

And all my guilt

Washed away

Amazing grace

Has brought me to the fold (wo o o)

And all my doubt

Are washed away

Amazing grace

Has taught me to walk


Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost

But now am found

You picked me up

From the miry clay

Verse 2

For the grace of God that bringeth

Salvation has appeared to all men

Teaching us that denies all ungodliness

And worldly lust

That we should live righteously

Soberly, Godly

Even in this present world

And happy are those who has

Found that grace

And that grace has brought transformation

Into their lives


Oo that blood that bought me

Ooo that grace that brought me

To the fold

Wondrous grace

That brought me to the fold



Facebook: Joel Edeifo  Instagram: joel_edeifo Twitter: @JoelEdeifo1



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