WHO AM I? Is one of the basic questions in life. I have asked myself this question before and even after I became a Christian. I’ve heard several opinions about my persona from people/friends (Some say ‘You are a great man’, ‘Jerry no follow’, ‘You are too spiritual’, ‘You are apostolic’………) but I knew the answer is yet to be reached. Getting to know Jesus is the greatest thing that has happened to me and that was the genesis of my self-discovery (and this still continues). I began to learn so much about who I was created to be and also unlearn so much I had thought I was. It felt really unpleasant at some points when friends began to change, old values no longer felt right, and at some other times it was a great struggle with God. But I still found joy at the end of it.

As I grew through all these experiences, I learnt that I am made a different person, 1 in 7billion, my study of biology enhanced my understanding of how careful and detailed God went to frame me (this implies to every other person) down to my genetic configuration.

But people don’t appreciate uniqueness any more and its a thing of concern to me. Christians are afraid to voice their views, values, and beliefs in the society today because of the fear to be seen as rebels or they don’t want to lose a friend. 2nd Cor 5:17; change is inevitable once you meet Christ, Heaven invests so much in you at that point. So do not be afraid when people say ‘you are beginning to change’ (They really didn’t know you), you are more than the person they see. And don’t feel shy to tell them what has happened, then be about living your new life as a whole new person………. ‘Misfit Muzik’ scriptures – John 15vs19, James 4vs4, Rom 12vs2, 2nd Cor 6, 2nd Cor 5vs17 amongst others. Be blessed as you watch out.

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Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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