He has released songs with a touch of different flavours ranging from strictly hip hop songs to afro pop songs. 4Runner released a number of singles from the Infiltration EP(Extended play) which he started working on since 2011 which enjoyed great feedback from faithful listeners and airplay on different radio stations and online radio stations and also features on blog sites. He is set to release the full package.

The 8 track online version of the EP introduces us to the rappers versatility and shows a unity in diversity as he raps on different beat styles. According to 4runner as the days go by he realises the importance of living a purpose driven life and living to be who God planned for everyone to be and he was inspired to shape the theme of the project based on his discovery that there is no fun(fulfilment) in the comfort zone.

He also shares a bit about some of the experiences that have shaped his life so far. The EP features talented artists like Henrisoul, Provabs, Samnem, Gabri and introduces you to more great artists. it also includes works from music producers like Encore (f.k.a Don John), Skweird, Dj Nobong, Octave.

The Ep is a bag of talent. 4runner presents to you in this year 2014 his debut EP, The infiltration EP.  A non constrained rap project that can be enjoyed by people of different ages. Enjoy and do share with friends and family.



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About 4runner


4runner, whose real name is Nwaka Miraculous is a Nigerian artist born in Surulere Lagos in the year 1992. He claims that he is half Delta Igbo and half hausa; his father being from Delta state and his mother being from Adamawa state. He travelled a lot as a young boy due to the nature of his father’s work which is pastoring. He attended a number of primary schools but attended one secondary school, Faith Academy. then he became an undergraduate in Covenant University in the year 2010.

According to him, he first got his love for rap music from listening to rappers like Bow wow, Eminem, 50 cent as a young boy when he visited his cousins. it was not until he was fourteen years old that he started composing his own rap songs and was in a rap group called G-Hood. He released his first demo at his graduation ceremony from secondary school and it was titled “Stand up” with a total of 5 songs. And he says his parents were fully supportive before,during and after the process.

When he entered Covenant University, he was motivated to start making music again when he discovered that his former house captain Mfon(DJ Nobong) was into producing. Then he worked on two tracks grateful and No one greater featuring Henrisoul both produced by Dj Nobong. With advice from his friend Yimika Adesiyun (J Swiss) who was also into rapping from the same secondary school, he discovered the importance of promoting music online. He also released the song “Infiltration” which he says was birthed from a spiritual retreat with the producer and his long time friend, John Akinola (Encore f.k.a Don John)

He also met other great artists and producers in and outside Covenant University that he worked with. He released No one greater which featured Henrisoul and the song performed well debuting on the gospel music naija top 5 chart.

According to the rapper, he talked about his spiritual life and how he struggled with inconsistency but continued to be shaped by Gods word and is still being shaped, he says its a life long process and that he doesn’t consider himself better than anyone but he is simly a product of grace. He says listening to Lecrae’s music made him know he was not alone and showed him a way to grow in God.

He has performed in churches and at events one of them being the “C.U’s got talent show” where he did a live cover of the Lecrae song “mayday” with a live band (the coke band) and three talented vocalists.

He says his motto “light in darkness” drives him and he wants to make quality music that would not only be accepted in the church but on the streets and the global scene

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Victor is a God Lover, Brand Management & IT Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Gospel Music Promoter. He is a passionate entrepreneur and is the CEO of Vivid360 Solutions & GMN Christian Media Company

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