Bright and early, despite the rainy and cold weather. People, young and old, came out in their numbers, We begin our journey in search of greatness, taking those first steps in our nationwide search for that one who will stand above the multitude and against all odds will arise to proclaim the gospel of Jesus…. that one who attains the right to be crowned the destiny child.


Abuja audition was held at Agura Hotel in the city of Abuja, packed full with hopeful contestants. The atmosphere was agog with groups of young vibrant gospel voices as they rehearsed with hopes of wowing the audition judges, many of them march in with smiles on their faces and the hope that in the sea of people, they will be the one to be chosen. Sights of these happenings graced the world via Twitter (@DestinychildT) and Facebook (Destiny Child Talent) all through. This will continue through all the auditioning zones, as we travel the roads of Makurdi (18th Aug), Owerri (21st Aug), Port Harcourt (24th Aug), Uyo (27th Aug), Asaba (30th Aug), Benin (2nd Sept), Ekiti (5th Sept)  and Lagos (8th Sept), giving gospel music a voice in Nigeria.

Officials and crew kicked off the day with the accreditation of the contestants. singing never stopped, it kept ruling the whole atmosphere at Agura Hotel, While this went on, the executive producer (Mr. Omax Eshareturi) arrived at the venue to confirm and ensure everything was in place and ready for takeoff.

Now, the stage is set for the first elimination round, with two different audition rooms, in all their splendor and magnificence, like nothing else spearheaded by Asu Ekiye and Solomon Lange judges for the day. One after the other, the contestants were  ushered into the waiting room, as they pass through the test to determine if they will get a qualification (the green card), as the saying goes “to get into the CITY (DC CITY) you must win the room”.

Contestants came out of the audition rooms with different expressions on their faces, some smiling, some moody, some sad, and also we saw some tears, lots of drama that words can’t really express, giving you more reasons why you have to watch the programme.

The 1st round winners took turns to pose in front of the camera to flaunt their victory symbol (the green card).DCGMTH6

A total of 452 entries registered online. At the venue, 175 more entries came in, bringing the number of registered contestants to 627.  Green cards were issued to 75 contestants based on their performances.

WOW!!!! What a day, as we look forward to day two, when we conclude the 1st round qualifiers and kick off the stage two knockout of the Destiny Child Talent Hunt Abuja Zone auditions



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