Day 1

Driving through the streets of Owerri Imo State, so much green and smiling but inquisitive faces in sight, it is obvious that the Destiny Child Crew is really and truly in the Eastern Heartland of our glorious country. Owerri happens to be the only eastern state/zone that the auditions would be held and definitely the most colorful in the hunt so far. The weather was complimented with drizzles of rain which later degenerated into heavy downpour ‘showers of blessings’ as it’s often called. Will the voices of ministers here be as blessed as the rains? The audition venue is Rockview Hotel Owerri; bright colorful and standing tall edifice around the Government house. Obiora Obiwon, one of the judges for this zone comes in to accompany U-Cheena in listening to each contestant to determine their fate, whether or not they are fit to come back and contend on Day 2.

The contestants at Owerri
The contestants at Owerri


Going Through…


Judges L-R: Music Director for House on the Rock Owerri, Daniel Ikechukwu Joseph, U-cheena Eshareturi , Obiora ‘Obiwon’ Nwokolobia-Agu
Judges L-R: Music Director for House on the Rock Owerri, Daniel Ikechukwu Joseph, U-cheena Eshareturi , Obiora ‘Obiwon’ Nwokolobia-Agu


Day 2

Encouraging smiles and silent prayers of hopefuls usher us into Day 2 of Owerri Audition The judges for the zone are; circular turned Gospel recording and ministering artist, Obiora ‘Obiwon’ Nwokolobia-Agu, Producer U-cheena Eshareturi and Music Director for House on the Rock Owerri, Daniel Ikechukwu Joseph. This time around, with an impressive turnout of contestants, 95 in number, the first stage of Audition Day 2 kicks off with basic cocktail of music.

Activating Our Destiny!

A 42-year-old visually impaired man, a guitar guru was present at the audition with the aid of his wife; he did not make it to the next stage due to the weakness of his vocals. With the sound beautiful gospel melodies coming from contestants to glorify the name of God, our judges seem impressed by a few, definitely not by all, and then the regular input of comedy, knowingly or not which adds even more spice as the judges can’t help but laugh. In the next stages, our contestants are cut down to 27 and eventually 11; before the top 5 are chosen. Our top five includes a 7-month pregnant woman, who has made it this far as a result of her beautiful voice and not based on sentiments was disqualified due to her condition and she and her husband understood the judges decision was for her good, she left with a promise of taking the crown in season three.



Some Contestants…

Our final two for this zone are a male and a female, both contestants from season 1 who didn’t make it through for different reasons. They came back, better and well equipped and eventually made it to DC City.

The Lord be praised!!! The city is blessed with good singers, I want to encourage talents out there to train more on there vocals themselves and become better. Like the name implies; DESTINY IS YET TO BE BORN.” Judge, Daniel Ikechukwu Joseph states.

“Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt is a great opportunity, shows like this are way overdue and we need many more shows of this nature. It’s an awesome opportunity for many young boys and girls in church that have been stuck between compromising their faith and what they believe in, to come and show their talent and be ministers of the gospel and earn a living as well. It has also given a chance to show the true quality and content of gospel music.” Obiora Obiwon comments. God’s name is really being lifted up high; here in the heart of the nation, the spread of the word can definitely not be stopped. Join the Destiny Child Gospel Talent Hunt (DCGTH) Crew as we move on to the Treasure base of the nation, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. DESTINY CHILD!! ACTIVATE YOUR DESTINY!!!

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