“Come on and dance before the Lord our God; he is worthy to be praised,” directs David Adesokan (ah-day-SHU-konn) at the beginning of “Hallelujah,” a track from his forthcoming cd, Thirsty. Although the project’s 11 cuts range in style from Contemporary Christian to Caribbean Gospel, the singer wants to make sure the lyrics that praise and worship the Lord are the cd’s main focal point.

For Adesokan is, above all else, a worshipper. The multi-faceted Houston based artist is a worship leader, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, author and producer. He has spent the past 14 years serving as a Music Director, Minister of Music, musician and Youth Ministry volunteer at various cross-cultural denominations.

Working with younger artists is David’s way of ensuring that direct and adoring worship of God will endure to future generations. Along these lines, he founded Wellspring Worship Ministries, a global outreach conglomerate of ministries that aims to prepare the next generation to use music and worship to call the church back to a place of intimacy. The songs on Thirsty, released under the label Wellspring Music, lay a foundation for this directive through the personal expression of music from David’s heart. Sharing the same sentiments of worship is “Desperate For Him,” David’s book released in conjunction with his cd that explores the gifts God offers when we passionately seek and worship Him.

Like many gospel singers and musicians that came before him, David got his start in the ministry by singing in his church choir at the age of 11, learning to play the piano a few years later. This formative training started David on a path that has led him to create Thirsty, a worship album that passionately expresses the desire to forever be growing closer to the Lord.

With songs like “More of You,” and it’s repeated refrain of “My soul cries out for more and more of you,” David seeks to inspire a renewed fervor for God. And this fervor is sought in the hearts of believers and non-believers alike as he casts the net wide, using “Santo” to express the holiness of God in Spanish.

“The Holy Spirit is my greatest inspiration, both personally and musically,” says David. “I get inspirations for songs when I get into times of personal worship and study of God’s Word, especially in the book Psalms.” These intimate moments of inspiration are evident on Thirsty, as David gives various dimensions of praise to God with lyrics right out of the bible. On “Been So Good,” he sings “your love floods my heart, like a river overflowing, all the work you’ve done through Calvary, speaks of grace so overwhelming.”

Thirsty communicates the cry of a man’s heart for revival and a deeper yearning for the presence of God, at the same time expressing profound gratitude to Him for His enduring goodness. ” This is primarily a worship project,” says David, “and I want people to really take away a renewed thirst and desire for more of God and all that He has in store for us in His Presence.” These are sentiments we can all sing, dance and praise along to-they are the worship of the Lord our God.

DOWNLOAD: Been_So_Good

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