The artiste, 4runner has released a number of songs ceaselessly starting from grateful which he first released and which introduced the audience to his style of rapping and to 4runner as an artiste, he also released  “ no one greater” which featured award winning singer, Henrisoul. He didn’t stop there he also released a hip hop song titled infiltration.

Without relenting, he releases another one titled “the take over”. The take over is a remix of the original song which featured rappers like Samjamz, Gameman and Tb 1. This 4runner’s version features award winning rapper, Provabs who is under the “one management” . Provabs was featured on T.I.V’s song Komole alongside Vector. He has released songs like “I surrender” feat. Evel and recently released a song with M.I titled “Heaven knows”. Also this new version features Samnem Ijaya who is also known as the Ijaya of hip hop. Samnem is one rapper that brands his rap style with the use of Yoruba language. He has released songs like ‘mo ranti” and “beeni’.

The Take over emphasizes that these faith based emcees are here to stay and dominate your radios and playlists with good music. The take over is strictly a hip hop song with a “naija” feel to it. So get ready to Knod forward and backward as you listen. Enjoy.


4runner whose real name is Nwaka Miraculous was born in the year 1992, in Lagos state. He was Born to a father from delta state who is a pastor and a mother from Adamawa state. He schooled in a number of primary schools due to his father’s pastoral status which made his family get transferred periodically. He had his secondary school education in Faith Academy and is currently studying at Covenant University.

4runner started enjoying music at the age of 10 listening to rappers like Eminem, 50 cent, Bow wow. He later got introduced to T-bone’s music at the age of 12 and also got introduced to Lecrae’s music and at the age of fourteen he started composing his own rap songs. While in secondary school,  he belonged to a rap group called G-hood which later merged with another rap group to become “saints”. On his graduation day he released a demo CD titled ‘stand up’ which contained 5 songs.   While in university he released grateful, no one greater feat. Henrisoul and infiltration which are all songs from his coming EP titled “the infiltration EP”. He was also featured on the forgiven mixtape by Ojay on a song titled Dansakire alongside Abrizzle.

4runner defines his music based on his faith. He claims he had a hypocritical past and it was only knowing Jesus that him actually attain a level of sincerity and he says as a result Jesus is making him better everyday. 4runner says he desires quality in his music and strives for this by working with talented producers and experimenting in music by playing with variety. He says for his style of rap he calls it African Hip hop, which is being established by African rappers like Sarkodie, M.I  and more. He believes God has called him to spread a message of love and has his motto as “light in darkness”. He aims at making music that illuminates the listeners.

TWITTER: @4_runner116

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