2013 is a huge year for Hip-hop and Gospel Music in general as we officially present you the latest Hip-Hop Super-Movement “11th Hour Movement” consisting of rappers TB1 (@TheRealTB1), Sam Jamz (@MrSamJamz) and Protek (@Protekniks)

11th Hour Movement is inspired by the Lord’s parable in St Matthew 20:1-16 and flavoured by the sounds of African heritage and popular culture of today’s generation.

Off their upcoming EP is the brand new single for every giver, “Givers’ Anthem” produced by J.Treash.

As the project develops, you will hear amazing songs that will be sure to raise eyebrows and create discussions from all over.

Download “Givers’ Anthem” NOW!.

Givers’ Anthem

11th Hour Movement – Givers’ Anthem feat TB1, Sam Jamz, Protek Prod by JTreash – Lyrics


My cup runs over

I’m a seed of Abraham

I work to give, I live to give

So check me out now

I’m a big time giver

Giving is my life style

I work to give, I live to give

I’m a giver


Verse 1: TB1

Givers never lack givers always raise

Givers get more giving that’s where the power lies

We pick the lame up from the gate of beautiful

Show them a new light that’s how we do

Give into a destiny, leaving back a legacy

Marking the hall of fame of Victory

Put a mark on heaven’s gate

And Let the whole world know that your mind is made

Through giving I see the lame rise and run

Through giving the deaf just heard my song

Through giving I hear the dumb scream I’m strong

Through giving we put the devil where he belongs

You and I we are big time givers

Let’s go sign the cheque straight from Zion we’re partners

Cos we don’t work to make living but a giving

For our gain is in his resurrection Christ is risen



Verse 2: Sam Jamz

You came, you saw, you gave

Smiling faces all around the world,

Many lives you saved.

Man after God’s heart

I can call you Dave

Putting men on the throne

Right outta the grave

You raise the banner of our king

In different territories

You can change their lives

No matter what the category is

You can change their story

Like you did for me

In God’s name,

There’s no telling of how great you’d be

Shining bright like the stars in the sky

Now the whole world sees Jesus in your eyes

The lame walk and the blind man see

And you’re the reason for this

Cos of the seeds you’re releasing

There’s one way I go,

Giving lives a meaning, giving them a miracle

And the sick will be healed

As the Word prevails

So put your money where your mouth is

Never fail



Verse 3: Protek

I put my money where my mouth is, call it mouth piece

Open doors for the gospel John the Baptist

What will JESUS do? Call me CHRIST apprentice

About the Fathers business, yeah!! Here’s the profit

I do this weekly, monthly even yearly

A proud giver a partner in Christ it’s my duty

To bring out the inner beauty, and yours truly

Take the gospel all around I share the goodies

Truth is, I make lame dance to this music

Who’s it, that is heartbroken you can use it

Fuse it with faith as a monster seed use it

Miracles abound with you, that’s exclusive

It’s the givers anthem put hands up

If you’re a big giver out there hands up



I’m not trying to get rid of any curse

I’m blessed beyond measures

And I don’t care about what they say

I’m walking in glory

My cup runs over

I’m a seed of Abraham

I work to give, I live to give

I’m a giver

Giving is my life (6times)


Chorus Till fade


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