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(Video) Somebody Is Watching by Rooftop MCs, Christ Rydaz,Otto and Godking Prod VC Perez

Arome a young man in his thirties is on a quest in search of a job, in his frustration he encounters strangers who tells him things about his past and present life, even things he’s ignorant about.
One of the strangers a woman in her fifties is perceived to have a dual personality, Asa pretty young attractive lady in the sight of all except Arome, she seeks for help from Arome.
Arome’s fortune changes. He is suddenly faced with death after been caught in a web of indecision. Mystically he’s alive. Now he’s left with a puzzle. Who are this strangers whose image fade away even from pictures leaving no trace of who they are. Some mysteries are better told. In the world but not alone

this movie starring Joke silva, OC Ukeje and lots of Nigerian faces in nollywood. the movie soundtrack was produce by vc perez ft Rooftop MCs, Christ Rydaz,Otto and Godking.

The movie is set to premiere Aug 10th at Silverbird.

[youtube id="jXSQbmHGfl0" width="600" height="350"]
RooftopMCS-ugly betty
1 APRIL 2012

(EXCLUSIVE) Ugly Betty (#Series Episode 4) – RoofTop MCs ft Shaback

In a totally unrelated event, Ugly Betty tells a  tale about a girl looking for love in all the wrong places. She let the hurt and pain of her past define her and believes her worth  depends on her looks, what she wears or who she’s with. People judge her others take advantage of her […]

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20 MARCH 2012

(EXCLUSIVE) Entourage ( #Series Episode 3 ) – RoofTop MCs Ft Karl Nova

Previously on SERIES: Snatcha and Kleva find themselves feeling overwhelmed and with the aid of Karl-Nova and Eben the duo remind themselves of the divinity that they carry within. This week as the duo continue with Karl Nova and Shabach the ever present hit making producer (who prefers to let his music do the talking) […]

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16 MARCH 2012

(FRESH) In Control – Onos Ft Snatcha

For Onos, music isn’t just a profession or a hobby, music is her life!! Her sight gives you the impression that there’s nothing more beyond the looks but yet, in the dark skin lies a jewel with a voice so rich and so strong, it would leave you spellbound.   Here is a track that […]

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10 MARCH 2012

(EXCLUSIVE) SERIES (Episode 2: HEROES) – RoofTop MCs Ft Karl Nova & Eben

Previously on SERIES; The duo of Snatcha and Kleva prepared for and set out on their quest by first acknowledging the Ultimate power of God. This week our characters are at a point where they feel overwhelmed and all alone. With the help of Karl Nova and Eben the duo remind themselves that as dark […]

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9 MARCH 2012

Agbara – RoofTop MCs

Rooftop MCs are back at it again!!! In preparation for their next album titled CROSSEYED: Minority Report 2 scheduled for release in the month of September. The duo are now set to release their first mixtape. In a fashion that’s typical of them, Soulsnatcha (@snatcha) & Sokleva (@mistarHughes) will once again use their unique take […]

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